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MizzBeautieB Skincare



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Golden Rose

Our Yummie Yoni oil is a blend of 2 carrier oils and 13 wonderful herbs.


  • Rejuvenates dry & itchy skin
  • Helps soothe irritation and chaffing
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Inflammatory 
  • Helps to eliminate  odor
  • Balances PH 
  • 100% all natural

How to use:  Apply drops to clean fingertips then massage externally. Can be used when you feel irritated, sore, or dry. External use only 

***Don’t use if pregnant or nursing***

Ingredients: Essential Rose Oil, Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, oregano, tea tree, peppermint, Calendula, Motherwort, Plantain, Red Raspberry Leaf, Red Rose Petals, Rosemary,Yarrow, Marshmallow Root, Pepperment Leaf, Orange peel, Egyptian basil, Wormwood, Damiana


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